Houston secures nearly $10 million for flood prevention efforts

Houston has received nearly $10 million to help with flooding in the Meyerland area. 

The announcement was made Wednesday. City officials say the grant comes from federal funding that was secured through their effort to move forward with the Meyergrove Detention Basin.

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"It’s a much-needed improvement that will have an impact in the community," said Congresswoman Lizzie Fletcher. "The grant comes from community project funding."

The funding will be used to design and construct a 7.5-acre stormwater detention basin. The basin will be able to hold 50 million gallons of stormwater to help keep the water from nearby homes, businesses, and community resources. 

But longtime residents FOX 26 spoke with say they’re skeptical. 

"I don't think you have enough time to let me tell you what I think," one nearby resident told FOX 26. "My home has flooded in Westbury. We need to increase the drainage, and we need to stop building to the upland areas."


Charles Goforth, President of the Brays Bayou Association, says they are very appreciative of the work it took to secure the federal funding. But he says, the land can be used for better flood mitigation techniques. 

"Moving forward, we need to think a little outside the box," Goforth said.