Houston ranked 9th most ethnically diverse large city in the US: report

Downtown Houston skyline at night (Photo: Ahmed Sharma, FOX 26 Houston)

Houston prides itself on being a melting pot of different cultures and a recent study by WalletHub ranked it among the top large cities for its vast diversity. 

The report looked at each city based on ethnicity, race, language, and birthplace. 

Its findings resulted in Houston ranking 27th overall and 9th among large cities in terms of ethnic diversity.

Houston was also ranked 39th out of 250 for its Ethnoracial Diversity, 25th in Linguistic Diversity, and 245th in Birthplace Diversity. 
"In such an environment, one has regular opportunities to meet and interact with people from a range of racial and ethnic groups and to develop friendships with some of them," Professor Jonathan Y. Okamura at UH Mānoa, Hawaiʻi told WalletHub. "An ethnically diverse city enables one to learn about cultures and traditions different from one’s own and to teach one’s children about appreciating and respecting cultures and people who are different from them. 

"Even fleeting interactions with others not from our own racial or ethnic group provide circumstances that can affirm our shared membership in a common society," he added.

 To read the full report by WalletHub and how other cities compared, click here.