Houston propositions drainage fees and pay raises - What's your Point?

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Two propositions await Houston residents on the November ballot the creation of  a fund to pay for "enhancement, improvement and ongoing renewal of Houston's drainage and streets" and the pay parity issue between police and firefighters.

This week's panel: Jessica Colon - Republican strategist, Nyanza Moore - progressive commentator and Houston attorney, Bob Price – Associate Editor Breitbart Texas,  Tony Diaz- Chicano educator and activist,  Tomaro Bell – Super Neighborhood leader, Bill King - businessman, columnist and former Kemah Mayor.


Come November 6th Houston voters must decide whether to continue investing in the program known as “Rebuild Houston”. 
Proposition A has been called a referendum on the 6-year-old, voter approved drainage fee which was sold to tax payers as a dedicated revenue source to improve the city’s streets and construct additional flood protection infrastructure.

Mayor Sylvester Turner is campaigning for a continuation of  Rebuild  claiming the fee has allowed the city to retire more than a billion dollars in outstanding debt while bankrolling $800 million worth of critical improvements.

However, there are critics and they contend, the so called “rain tax” amounts to a “bait and switch” with little debt actually paid down and huge sums being siphoned off by city leaders to fund people and projects  that have little to do with streets or sewers.