Houston officer-involved shooting leaves suspect dead on Long Point Road

Police are investigating after a suspect was shot to death during an encounter with an officer in northwest Houston.

The shooting occurred around 8 a.m. Tuesday in the 7600 block of Long Point Road near Jacquelyn Drive.


According to police, they got a call about an aggressive man who was bothering citizens or motorists in the area. Police say they also learned that the man may have had a flagpole and had smashed a woman’s windshield in the area. She was able to get away.

An officer responded to the scene and started looking for the man. According to HPD, the officer located the man carrying a flagpole, and sometime during their encounter, the man reportedly took out a knife.

Police are still investigating exactly what happened but say the officer used his radio to ask for help before the shooting.

"I do know that on at least two occasions, our officer broke the air on his radio indicating that the suspect had a knife and was coming at him and needed help," HPD Executive Chief Matt Slinkard said.

Police say other units were responding to the scene when, at some point, the officer discharged his weapon at the suspect who had the knife.

"The suspect was immediately rendered first aid and CPR by other responding units on the scene," Executive Chief Slinkard said. "Unfortunately, he was pronounced deceased by HFD here on the scene and has succumbed to his injuries."

The man has not been identified at this time.

Police say no other citizens or officers were injured. The officer who fired his weapon is said to be an approximately one-year veteran of the department.

Several agencies responded to the scene to investigate the shooting. Police say they are also gathering video from the area and speaking with witnesses.