Houston mother warns about dangerous prank after her son was injured

A dangerous prank led Regina Hearne's 15-year-old son to suffer a concussion and severe nosebleeds. 

"My heart just hit the floor when I first saw the video because I knew that it could have been so much worse," she told FOX 26.

She says she took her son to the emergency room where the doctor ordered him to stay home for a week.

Regina posted the video of the incident to her Facebook page in hopes of warning other parents and teens.

It happened last month at YES Prep Brays Oaks. The video shows three teens line up and Regina's son is in the middle. She says they told her son it was a challenge to see who could jump the highest. As her son jumps, the boys on either side of him kick his feet from under him. Her son falls and hits his head on the floor.

It appears to be one of the challenges teens do to put on social media like Tik Tok.

Regina calls it bullying.

"He was totally unaware of what they were going to do to him," she added.

Regina wishes she had known about it to warn her son. The video she posted on Facebook has gotten thousands of shares. She hopes it is also sparking a lot of conversations between parents and their children,

"Tell your children not to participate in this challenge and please don’t do it to anybody else," she pleaded.

FOX 26 reached out to YES Prep Brays Oaks for comment. The school sent the note they sent to parents after the incident. It reads:

Dear Brays Oaks Families:

At YES Prep Brays Oaks, we partner with families to ensure that students do not engage in behaviors that risk their safety. We want to make you aware of a prank challenge on social media that involves three people jumping in a row at different times while trying to trip the middle person. No student should ever fear for their safety at school. Any student who harms another, even as part of a prank, is immediately disciplined. If you are aware of any behavior that jeopardizes the safety of a student, please contact your Dean of Students.

"If you know it can help save your child’s life because your child’s incident could be worse than my son's," she concluded.

Regina says she was told the other teens involved were suspended. She also plans to file charges.

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