Houston missionary says seizure at archdiocese will lead to sex abuse 'reckoning'

A search warrant involving allegations of sex abuse against a single Catholic priest could cascade into multiple criminal inquiries.

The Montgomery County District Attorney's Office tells FOX 26 News its investigators seized 15 computers, twenty boxes of documents and an imprint of all data contained on a server operated by the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston.

"Something has to shatter, something has to break in order for something good to come about," said Ennie Hickman, an urban missionary who has spent much of his life serving young Catholics in Houston neighborhoods plagued by gang violence and near constant trouble.

"I would say I'm speaking for a lot of folks and we are struggling right now and there is a lot of pain," said Hickman.

It is agony over the abuse scandal unfolding around Father Manuel La Rosa-Lopez.

"I would say this reckoning is long overdue," said Hickman.

With deep spiritual roots spanning decades, Hickman has accumulated trusted contacts and built strong relationships with clergy and parishioners throughout the community.

It is a depth of knowledge that's led him to make a public revelation about what lies beyond the on-going investigation.

"I believe they know there is going to be a lot more in those archives and again, being in and around the Archdiocese for this long, I know of many cases, that surprisingly, have never made it to the news," said Hickman.

Alarming accounts of alleged clerical wrongdoing kept quiet by the Archdiocese, including the transfer of accused priests to different postings.

"Those in power are trying to get away with covering it up and that's called corruption. This is not just a sex scandal, this is a money and power scandal," said Hickman.

As the father of seven and leader of Adore Ministries, Hickman calls the accountability to come a critical cleansing for a Church that's hidden ugly truths and strayed from it's core mission.

"I'm coming at it with hope, in knowing that through this pain and suffering and the shattering and the breaking, that renewal and resurrection are on the other side," said Hickman.

A spokesperson with the Archdiocese e-mailed Fox 26 the following statement:

"The Archdiocese cannot comment further at this time about the ongoing investigation except to say we are cooperating fully."