Victim killed, suspect in critical condition following officer-involved shooting in North Houston

An investigation is underway and witnesses are reacting following an officer-involved shooting in North Houston on Monday afternoon. 

Houston Police Department Executive Chief Troy Finner said during a news conference that it all began on the 8500 block of North Main around 2:20 p.m. 

Finner said two citizens were sitting in a vehicle talking when the suspect approached unprovoked and started shooting at both citizens. 

Finner stated that one of the victims, a 29-year-old Hispanic male, was killed in the shooting. 

"I have no idea why this happened," said Michael Rodriguez. 

Rodriguez told FOX 26 he's seen the gunman before in his north side neighborhood and describes him as not all there. He added that he also knew the victim who died. 

Because it was an active shooter scene, the shooting victim had to wait for an ambulance. Rodriguez said it was a 30-minute wait. 


"As he was sitting in the car the guy fired into the car and hit him. He told my wife to call an ambulance," said Rodriguez. "That’s what they told her, we’re not going to get there because we’re not allowed to go until the guy stops shooting because we can’t let first responders get hurt. That doesn’t make any sense."

Finner said, "It is our policy that as soon as we can make the scene safe then we render first aid. That’s part of the investigation as well."

"My wife is the one who experienced it and she’s torn to pieces and so is her brother," said Rodriguez.

Following the initial shooting, Finner stated that the suspect left the location and walked on foot to the 8400 block of North Main to a convenience store. 

Authorities said the suspect, walked into the store and pointed the same gun at citizens. 

Witnesses told police that the suspect fired off a few rounds walking around North Main Street. 


After leaving the convenience store, another witness told FOX 26 that the suspect pointed his weapon at various people in vehicles in the 100 block of East 44th Street. 

"He put the gun to my husband and my husband just slowly kept going. We are people of faith so we prayed and pulled into our driveway," said Deborah Hines.

Finner said an officer later spotted the suspect in the area. 

That's when, according to Finner, the suspect opened fire at the officer and the officer fired several times striking the suspect.

Finner added that the officer, who is a 4-year veteran of the North Division, gave commands for the suspect to drop the gun. He didn’t comply and continued firing at the officer. 

The suspect, a Black male, in his mid-40’s was taken to the hospital and is in critical condition, Finner said. 

The officer was not injured. 

As per police policy, the officer will be placed on administrative leave while an investigation into the shooting is conducted.