Houston crime: Gunfire erupts in Downtown Houston DUI incident following fender-bender

A minor car accident erupted into gunfire, leaving a young woman shot near Downtown Houston on Thursday night.

The incident unfolded around 11:20 p.m. at the intersection of Polk Street and the 59 Freeway. 

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Witnesses described how a fender-bender between two vehicles quickly escalated into a heated confrontation. One of the drivers, described as a woman in her early 50s and appearing visibly impaired, collided with the other vehicle. Both cars halted at a traffic light, where the younger woman, accompanied by a male passenger, stepped out to address the situation.

In a sudden twist, the older woman allegedly fired multiple shots from inside her vehicle, striking the younger woman in the shoulder. Amid the chaos, authorities say the intoxicated driver fled the scene, leaving the injured woman and her companion stunned and seeking help.


The situation took a turn for the better when an alert Houston Police Department officer conducting a routine traffic stop nearby heard the gunfire. The injured woman and her companion approached the officer, providing details that led to the apprehension of the suspected shooter near Jensen Drive.

Emergency responders rushed the injured woman to a local hospital, where medical staff confirmed her injuries are not life-threatening.

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Meanwhile, the suspect remains in custody, facing charges related to driving under the influence and the reckless discharge of a firearm.