Houston couple reflect on special friendship with President George H.W. Bush

Karen and David Fast have lived in Houston for around five years and about one year after moving to southeast Texas they met former President George H.W. Bush and his wife.

"He was just such a gracious man," said Karen. "They were both so gracious to just invite perfect strangers, almost, into their home and entertain them."

When asked if she had any photos with Bush 41, Karen said, "We didn't. When we went to Kennebunkport, we didn't. Somehow I felt our relationship was just different than that, that I didn't want to intrude on that relationship in anyway by asking for photographs."

They knew the Bush's from St. Martin's Episcopal Church. Karen met Mrs. Bush at a lady's stitching class there, known as Saintly Stitchers.

"Sitting in the pew next to them and they were always holding hands throughout the service," said David.

The Fast's remember a special bond the presidential couple shared when they were together.

"Get a little pat from her and he would get this little grin on his face and it happened all the time," said David.

What would be their final meeting with the former president came earlier this year as 41 welcomed them to their house for lunch.

"It was a seafood lunch with lobster and oysters and clam chowder; everything flown down from Maine," said Karen. "We were all sitting in the living room and he [President H.W. Bush] said, 'are well all going to have some Sherry?'"

"President Bush loved oysters," recalled Karen. "He liked all seafood, but he loved his oysters."

But one thing he loved even more was his wife, and that's what Karen and David will always remember.

"Wow, there was such a respect and such a love for one another," said Karen.

The Fast's witnessing, firsthand, a part of this 73-year love story separated by death for only seven months.