Houston considers texting while driving ban

You've heard the horrifying stories of someone losing their life because of a distracted driver. Now in Houston, council members are exploring the idea of banning electronic devices when you're behind the wheel.

The Houston City Council Public Safety Committee is considering banning sending text messages when driving since the legislature failed once again to make it a state law.

Council members discussed the benefits of having a ban right as the city kicks off the It Can Wait campaign. The program will use social media, the news and community initiatives to urge people to pay attention to the road and not their phone while driving.

"It's horrible, 7:15 this morning with University of Texas sticker on the back changed the lane 6 times with a handheld to his ear," Councilman Jack Christie said. "No blinkers, nothing. That's endangering me, you, your kids. We've got to put a stop to this." 

According to the Texas Highway Administration, back in 2012, more than 300 people died because someone was distracted while driving.

Houston would join other Texas cities like West University, Bellaire and Austin, that already have a texting and driving ban.