Houston boy, 10, with terminal cancer sworn-in at Galveston County ceremony

Devarjaye Daniel is sworn-in during a special multi-agency ceremony in Galveston County on January 21, 2022. (Photo: Texas DPS Southeast Texas Region)

Devarjaye Daniel, a 10-year-old Houston boy battling terminal cancer, is Galveston County’s newest law enforcement officer.

Galveston County Sheriff Henry Trochesset and 25 law enforcement agencies attended a special swearing-in ceremony for Devarjaye on Friday morning.

This is only the latest addition to Devarjaye’s long resume after already being sworn-in as an honorary officer for dozens of law enforcement agencies.

Despite his brain and spinal cancer, Devarjaye says he wants to be sworn-in as an honorary officer by 100 law enforcement agencies.

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Just last week, Devarjaye was sworn-in by 35 different agencies in one day. Freeport Police Chief Garivey set up the grand event at Brazoria County Court House.

Devarjaye Daniel grew up watching his military father interact with men and women in uniform. It was in watching them that the 10-year-old grew an admiration for those in uniform and decided he wanted a career in law enforcement.

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