Houston Astros fans reveal superstitions ahead of ALCS Game 5

Baseball has all sorts of superstitions from spitting into your hand before picking up the bat, putting gum on the base of your cap, or not saying a word to the pitcher during a no-hitter. Ahead of Thursday's critical Game 5 of the American League Championship Series, Astros fans are making sure all of their rituals are in line, so everything goes exactly right. 

"I have to watch in a certain chair," explained Lisa Peters. "I have to wear a certain shirt."

"I have little baseball earrings that I wear, little 'stros bracelets," said Natalie Maready.

"If they’re winning, I’ll continue to wear that shirt or that hat," said David Mauney. "If they start losing, then I change to a different shirt and a different hat."

"Always watch with my daughters," said Rob Johnson. "I don’t know, it seems to bring good luck except for the last couple of nights."

But for diehard Astros superfan Karyn Wells, sporting orange and blue nails and her 1997 Jeff Bagwell jersey are just the basics because superstition is a way of life. 

"I wear my favorite Astros jersey," described Wells. "It's from 1997 and it says Bagwell. I've been an Astros fan probably since I was in the womb."

For starters, she refuses to call or text her mother during the games anymore.

"'cause every time we do, we lose," explained Wells. "So no texting, no talking to my mom at all."

Wells dresses up her cats in baby Astros jerseys, watches the game with an 18-year-old cereal box and a 21-year-old bag of peanuts.  

"I've had this cereal. It expired July 25th, 2000. It has Bagwell, Caminiti, and Biggio on it," added Wells. "I got this bag of peanuts on their division win in 1997."

Wells also carries an Astros-colored rosary and of course, prays a lot.

"This is a replica of the one they made for the pope," said Wells.

"I watch the game like this," said Wells. "I can't watch. Pray, pray, pray, pray — that’s how I watch the games, even when I'm at the stadium. I'll have my toes crossed, all my fingers crossed and I'm just like this."

Wells also said she has been test driving several different good luck charms during the 2018 season in hopes that nothing jinxes her favorite baseball team from winning. She would do just about anything to make it happen — even this: "I would give up the Mega Millions for us to go three in a row and make it to the World Series."