Houston-area youth baseball umpires arrested, accused of having meth on them

Four people, including two youth baseball umpires, were arrested in Waller County over the weekend for drug related charges.

According to Waller County Sheriff Troy Guidry, they received a tip that two juveniles and two adults were involved in a drug deal at a baseball park in the county. An off-duty law enforcement officer recorded the alleged drug deal taking place involving marijuana vape pens.

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"The two umpires had purchased these illegal vape pens, it was on video," said Guidry. "After taking them into custody, it turns out both of them were in possession of meth."

Sheriff Guidry says one of the umpires had methamphetamine in his car, while the other had meth in a clothing pocket.

In total, four people were arrested including a juvenile for drug related charges.

"It is illegal [to have] marijuana in the state of Texas, and we’re sticking true to that in this county," said Guidry. "It’s not allowed on our baseball fields, or [near] any of our children, that’s how we need to keep it."


"That’s crazy for that to happen at a little league game," said a college baseball player from nearby Prairie View A&M University. "To have meth on them, I’d never think that would even happen."

"It’s sad to see that umpires have meth on them," said another baseball player from Prairie View. "Hopefully they can find better umpires that can umpire these kids and let them have good games."

Guidry says charges are being filed against all parties involved.