Houston-area 8-year-old honored by police after bullying incident at school

A Houston-area third-grader was honored Thursday with a police escort to school.

"I didn’t know the police were picking me up," said Michael Martinez, an 8-year-old.  "I had a really fun day."

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Martinez loves law enforcement. When he grows up, the 8-year-old wants to become a police officer.

"The police are there for us," said Martinez.

Martinez was born prematurely. Since then, he’s been in a wheelchair.


For career day last week, Martinez dressed as a police officer to class. According to his mother, the third-grader was bullied that day by a classmate.

"This boy came up to me and kind of shook me," said Martinez.

"He just kind of put his hands on him, shook him a little bit, and kind of threw him to the side off of his wheelchair," said Angie Martinez, Michael’s mother.

Since the incident, local law enforcement has treated Michael like one of their own.  On Thursday, members of the Humble Police Department and Texas Department of Public Safety drove Martinez to school. He received gifts, was given a tour of their vehicles, and was taken to class with lights and sirens. Members of the Houston Police Department also visited the young boy for lunch.

"This was the most exciting thing that’s happened [ever]," said Martinez.


A spokesperson from Humble Independent School District provided the written statement below regarding the bullying incident.

"Unacceptable behavior is not tolerated," said a Humble ISD spokesperson. "The student faced consequences according to the Student Code of Conduct. We welcome law enforcement officers on our campuses. Law enforcement officers serve as positive role models for students."

A P.O. Box was set up for Michael if law enforcement agencies would like to send him a message, badge, or coin.

Michael Martinez
P.O. Box 14364
Humble, TX 77347