Houston announces storm recovery plans

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The Greater Houston Storm Recovery Network announced they have a plan to help those still recovering from the Memorial and Halloween weekend floods.

Mayor Annise Parker said the city is working with over 30 different nonprofits to help those who lost everything in the floods get back on their feet.

Minthia Terry owned one of the twelve-thousand homes that were damaged by the series of floods this fall. She said the day she lost everything is unforgettable.

"I couldn’t open the door," said Terry. "it was a force against the door I had never experienced. I've never been able to see the realization of something so devastating."

Terry said The Greater Houston Storm Recovery Network has helped her put clothes on her back, food on a new table, and has given her a chance to start over.

Flood victim Michael G. Sideris said the Catholic Charity Group involved with the Recovery Network did more for him than FEMA or his insurance.

"FEMA gave me $1,400," he said. "Tell me what am I going to do with $1,400 four and a half months out of the apartment

FEMA estimates that the series of floods resulted in $30 million in unmet needs.

That's where the Greater Houston Storm Recovery Network said they plan to help.

"We’re going to make another significant and singular initiative to find those folks across our community who have these unmet needs and to try to connect them with the appropriate resources," said Mayor Parker.

The organization has set up several locations throughout Houston that will help flood victims find the aide they need including Southwest Multi-Service Center, Hillendahl Library, Acres Home Multi-Service Center, and Fort Bend County Health and Human Service Center.

If you want to help or need help, you can find out more at houstonfloodrecovery.org.