Homeland Security employees faced with tough choices during shutdown

HOUSTON (FOX 26) — Friday marks the first day that federal government furloughed employees will not receive pay, yet these men and women are still required to come in and do their jobs, keeping order, and keeping us safe.

"You have to meet and see individuals that have come up that are in prison, or they are locked up for violation, or crimes, and yet, we are required to have integrity," federal correctional counselor Roy Osorio tells FOX 26 News. "We are required to show up to work and however. How humiliating do you think that is? A federal law enforcement that is not getting paid." 

On top of that, bills are starting to stack up and sacrifices have to be made.

"We have bills like everyone else," says Maria L., a Federal Bureau of Prisons employee. "So we are using his college fund to pay our bills. That’s a hard thing for us." 

Margaret Gotch is 20 years old and just started her career as a TSA agent a few months ago. She is also a college student, but the shutdown may be putting a wrench into this young woman’s plans.

"Well, I would hate to do that but hold off going back to the class, which would be rather disappointing because my education is something very important to me," says Gotch. "Things must be sacrificed. If anything then, I’ll have to start coming in to work, you know, just work my part time hours and find a second job." 

These workers and the unions that represent them will gather on Tuesday for a rally in Clear Lake in front of NASA, hoping to gain more support to help end the shutdown.