Homeland Security agents raid tortilla factory, serve search warrant

Some undocumented workers are now back with their families after being caught up in a federal raid this morning.

Homeland Security agents served a criminal search warrant on La Espiga De Oro just around 10 Tuesday morning.  

The business is a tortilla factory on 15th and Shepherd in the Heights. 

Investigators are looking at the owner for hiring undocumented workers.  

While on the scene the feds say they found 35 workers on the job but they were not their target even though some without proper documentation were temporarily detained.

Greg Palmore with DHS says, "eleven individuals are being detained for further questioning those individuals will ultimately become witnesses against the business itself."

Janna Pineda's mother and sister work at the Tortilla factory.  She says her mother, who is in the country illegally, was taken by immigration and later released.  

Palmore says all the detainees have since been released. In the meantime, they will now focus on the owner with the evidence they seized from his business.