Hollywood movie studio attacks local company's logo

A small business in Brookshire is worried about its future, after catching the unwelcome attention of a much bigger company.

Aziz and Tara Hikem left their corporate oil and gas jobs to start their own business.

They founded Hiketron almost two years ago, producing environmentally friendly laundry detergents and personal-care products.

The government patent office approved their logo: a diamond shape with the company name and a block-h inside.

But a letter from Warner Brothers Entertainment hit them like a chunk of kryptonite.

"When we received that letter, we said 'What is this?', says Aziz Hikem. "It doesn't make any sense."

Seems lawyers for the TV and movie studio saw the Hiketron logo and thought it looked too-much like their own Superman logo.

Warner Brothers sent a cease-and-desist letter demanding Hiketron stop selling their products, or else.

The Hikems say they never thought about Superman.

"The focus was purely about diamonds," says Tara Hikem, "luxury and shine, and everything you want your luxurious laundry detergent to be."

After investing their life savings in cresting and marketing Hiketron, the Hikems have a lawyer trying to talk to Warner Brothers.  

They would consider 'altering' their logo to something more acceptable, if the studio pays for it.

Warner Brothers has not been very warm to that idea.

"It's just like a kid being bullied at school," says Aziz, "It exists in corporate America. This is how it is...and it's not fair."