HISD & Mexican Consulate strengthen partnership amid concerns of increased ICE activity

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The Mexican Consulate in Houston and the Houston Independent School District are strengthening their partnership amid concerns about increased immigration enforcement.

On Tuesday, Consul General Alicia Kerber and Superintendent Granita Lathan recorded a video together. It was posted on Twitter and it received hundreds of retweets and likes.

It’s a short video but they hope it will send a big message. 

“That the consulate is working with the district so that they can feel confident to go to school,” said Kerber.

The two have a long-standing partnership, but given the recent events against Latinos and immigrants from the shooting targeting Mexicans in El Paso to the immigration raids in Mississippi, they plan to do more together. 

The efforts include making the consulate services known to parents and offer more "Know Your Rights" workshops.

Kerber says they've discussed what to do in case there is a raid here like in Mississippi where parents are picked up by ICE.

"If that happens the school district is immediately [get] in touch with us, so that they can send us the information of the kids. We will immediately [get] in touch with other relatives, and we will take care of those kids," explained Kerber.

They also working with families to have a plan in case that happens.

"To know what is going to happen with your kids, with your belongings, with your car, your house," she listed.

The nonprofit BakerRipley says they have experienced a spike in immigration related calls since the threat of ICE raids began earlier this summer. The concerns include creating a plan in case a family member is deported and what employers should do if their business is targeted by ICE.

"We want people to understand what their rights are, and we want people to understand that where they can get the help that they need," said Juan Alanis, spokersperson for BakerRipley.

The workshops at Houston schools by the Mexican Consulate will begin next month.