High school mentees surprised by Houston Super Bowl Host Committee

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If you're going to be successful, you've got to look the part. That's the idea behind a surprise that Houston Super Bowl officials gave to some high school students.

The Houston Super Bowl Host Committee has been mentoring high school students, and now, this career exposure program has culminated in a final presentation that these kids have to give.

But, before their presentation, they had to make sure they could look sharp, and that's how they ended up at JC Penney in Meyerland.

These high school kids are a part of the Legacy Leaders program, a Houston Super Bowl Host Committee initiative that gives students a chance to see what it's like to work  in the pro sports business.

“The whole program this summer has been about having students come in learn about careers in sports, entertainment, and hospitality. Youth of color who probably would not have the door open if it were not for the host committee,” LaMecia Butler with the Houston Super Bowl Host Committee.

The students have pitched ideas, worked on projects, and learned how to network.

Now, the students have a major presentation coming up, and this program is closing with the idea that you always dress for success.

“When people see you dress nice, not only will you feel good you will do your best in whatever you're going to do,” Darion Harrell, a high school senior.

These students were measured and made over with custom suits....which were a gift from Michael Strahan and JC Penney.

“By them, having us come and pick our suits out, just hundreds of dollars for the suits, is very humbling. It's a nice experience… wow. I'm sorry. It's just awesome,” said Kobe Harrell, a high school sophomore.

Humbled but ready, these students will charge into their futures, ready to tackle whatever comes their way.