Harris County emergency officials seek to calm concerns about air quality

It’s hard not to worry about the air quality with the massive black plume caused by the fire at the Intercontinental Terminals Company Deer Park facility. But, Harris County officials say they’ve deployed all their resources to monitor the air quality and, for now, there is no major concern.

They continue to say the plume is too high.

"The plume height is way up there today so we’re talking above 4,000 feet, possibly could get up to 6,200 feet this afternoon," Jeff Linder, Harris County meteorologist, said on Tuesday afternoon.

"There continues to be a low risk to our community in general," added Dr. Umair Shah, Executive Director of the Harris County Public Health.

However, officials stated they understand the weather conditions have been favorable so far.

"We’re monitoring the wind conditions," added Linder. "And, we do have a National Weather Service   meteorologist that is now onsite here helping to support me in the plume modeling."

Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner added that the city has various air quality monitors throughout the Houston area, including 10 benzene monitors providing hourly readings.

Residents are encouraged to follow the air quality updates online.