Harris County emergency management will monitor expected flooding

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Beginning at 2 pm Saturday afternoon,the Harris County Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management will be in level one mode, the highest of levels until the significant rain event passes.

There's two events of concern.

A low in the Gulf, and Patricia which came barreling down on the west coast of Mexico. The two have caused some residents to be confused.

"I'm already hearing people talk about a hurricane coming that's not what's happening," said Harris County Judge Ed Emmett. "We're going to have a very serious rain event quite likely."

Best advice Emmett can give to residents, try to be at home Saturday night and stay there if it all possible.

"Because if the rains ramp up to the degree that are possible we could see 3 to 4 inches an hour," said Emmett.

The big fear is a repeat of Memorial Day when the Houston area saw extensive flooding.

The county hasn't done anything out of the ordinary prior to this storm to prepare but the county judge says emergency management officials are ready for whatever comes our way.

"The underpasses are my personal concern that's something we really want to pay attention to," said Emmett.

"We want to make sure if an underpass is likely to go under water that we get somebody from law enforcement out there in advance."