Harris Co. constable deputy surprised with cancer-free party

Brittney Buchkar's family and brothers and sisters in blue surprised as she left from her final chemotherapy treatment at MD Anderson in West Houston.

"They've been by my side through the entire thing," Buchkar told FOX 26.

The 32-year-old deputy with Harris County Precinct 4 Constable's Office marked the end of her two-year fight with stage 2 breast cancer ringing the bell.

The journey has been tough.

"The chemotherapy drug that I took in the beginning was very rough. I was sick all the time," she recalled.


We first met Buchkar in February 2019 -- just a few months into her treatment. Buchkar, a single mother, wanted to keep working and serving the community she loves.

In turn, her community rallied around her by osting fundraisers, making t-shirts, and keeping her spirits up.

"I got a lot of support from people I don't know. A lot of the community. People outside of my work and my family, so thank you so much for always being there and supporting me," Buchkar said.

"She remained vigilant even though she was young," said Dr. Jessica Suarez Colen with MD Anderson Cancer Center. She hopes Buchkar's story encourages others, even women under 40, to see a doctor if they notice changes in their breasts.

"Whether that's a new lump, or if it's any changes in your nipple, if you see any bloody nipple discharge, or anything other skin changes in your breast that are new," Dr. Suarez Colen noted.

The doctor also encourages people to continue getting cancer screenings. She says hospitals like MD Anderson Cancer Center have taken precautions to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

"It is so important because as we know screening helps pick up cancer at an earlier stage and therefore makes them more treatable," Dr. Suarez Colen added.