Gun safety: Firearms instructor stresses importance of gun safety around children

On Friday evening, a three-year-old boy in Wharton was killed by a self-inflicted gunshot wound after finding a gun in his mother's nightstand, according to police.

It’s a story firearms instructor Mark Giordonello has heard more times than he can count.

"It’s frustrating for me that people don’t want to take a little bit of time and possibly save your kid's life or somebody else’s life," he said.

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There's one mistake he says he sees far too often, explaining, "You should never hide a loaded gun. That’s the worst thing in the world you could do. Kids are resilient. They’re going to find something."

Giordonello says safety can start with as simple as a gun lock. But if you’re wanting quick access to your firearm in the event of an intruder, there’s also the option for a safe.

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He also hopes to see more parents introducing safe gun practices to their children. "Teach your kids safe gun handling, and you should start them at about 11 years old," he said. "Take them to the gun range. Show them what a gun does. Educate them."

All of that aside, Giordonello believes the number one way to save the life of a child or anyone else is through proper gun ownership training.

"Even a two-hour class can save somebody’s life," he said. "Can you imagine dealing with that, where one of your loved ones gets killed, God forbid, when you could’ve gotten some training? People have to live with those things. People have to live with the decision that they make."