Guardrail scrutinized after deadly bus crash

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When the bus came crashing down from the freeway Tuesday 14-year-old Janecia Chatman and 17-year-old Mariya Johnson lost their lives.

“They called me Friday that was the last time I talked to her,” said Janecia’s grandfather Calvin Chatman. “I just don’t believe she’s gone I can’t believe it.”

“She was a beautiful child very beautiful had beautiful ways,” said Janecia’s grandmother Jeanine Ware.

Several loved ones returned to the accident scene at 610 and Telephone road Wednesday to visit the growing memorial.

Police say the accident happened when HISD teacher Nakita Allen made an unsafe lane change.

Allen was reportedly trying to avoid a car coming into her lane when she crashed into the bus. 17-year-old twins Lakesha and Brandon Williams remain in intensive care at Texas Children’s Hospital.Their mom Ella Williams says she’s grateful her children are still alive.

“Brandon tries to be a comedian and Keisha she’s just too humble and she loves life she loves her education,” Williams said. “She’s just an all- around sweet sweet girl.”

Meanwhile a nagging question a lot of people seem to have involves the guardrails on our freeway system.
Was the guardrail on the 610 South Loop bridge up to date?

The Texas Department of Transportation has what it calls a bridge railing manual most recently updated in 2014. As far as the guardrail in this particular case is concerned it’s not known if it adheres to the bridge guardrail guidelines of 2015.

A TXDOT spokesperson says all bridge rails in the Houston district range between 36 and 42 inches in height and all bridges are inspected by TXDOT at least every two years.

The last inspection of the 610 South Loop bridge was conducted in 2014.

TXDOT says it’s looking into all factors related to the roadway where this deadly accident occurred.