Galveston student trapped in Walmart garden center after closing

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University of Texas Medical Branch student Sarah Luke found herself trapped inside the Walmart garden center on Seawall Boulevard. 

Luke was stopping in to pick up some medication for her laryngitis when she decided to browse through the garden section. Unbeknownst to her, they were about to close. 

On her way out, she tried to open the doors with no luck, realizing that she'd been locked in.

Whenever someone walked by, she'd bang on the doors and wave her arms, but to no avail. She theorizes that her green sweatshirt may have caused her to blend into her surroundings. Having no voice certainly didn't help the situation.

"I called my mom to call the store since I had laryngitis and then I called PD directly," said Luke. 

When her mother couldn't get through to an employee after calling three times, that's when Luke called the police directly. 

An officer arrived about one minute after an employee finally spotted her. 

"Fifteen minutes after the police arrived, the assistant manager came and unlocked the door," said Luke.

The police officer was not happy with the situation, lecturing the employee on performing better walk-throughs before closing time. 

When all was said and done, Luke was stuck in the garden center for almost an hour before being set free. 

Walmart did give Luke a gift card and free plant for her troubles.