Fundraiser helps send disabled boy to camp for kids with limb loss

He was born without an arm and has spent his whole life just trying to live like a normal kid. Last year, 9-year-old Micah Cowart went to "Camp No Limits," which is specially designed for other kids like him, and his dream this year was to go back again.

Between registration fees, flights, and housing for the whole family, things got pricey pretty quickly. His family knew how important this camp was to Micah, so they started a fundraising campaign through the camp's website and thanks to some good, generous Samaritans, Micah is now able to go back to the place he feels most at home.

Micah has been hoping to go back to Camp No Limits in Idaho this summer since he found out his friend Jacob was also going back.

"My friend Jacob, he has half a leg. He said he'll come back and I said, 'I'll come back too,'" Micah said.

The camp has activities, trainings, and programs specially designed for kids with limb loss like Micah and their families.

"It's an environment for them to just be around people that understand the things that you go through," said Megan Reinholt, Micah's mom.

Micah was born without an arm, but doctors aren’t exactly sure why.

"See it ends right here. My arm ends right here. This is my real elbow right here, where it turns," Micah said.

"It's really hard to figure out how it happened. It just stopped growing," said Reinholt.

His physical disability has never stopped him from succeeding at school or prevented him from being an active, playful kid.

But kids can be kids.

"He gets looks and stares. Little kids are so curious. So they want to know like, 'What happened to your arm?'" said Reinholt.

Micah says sometimes it’s nice to just be around other people that understand what he's going through too.

"It makes me happy because I get to see people like me. And I don’t see a lot of people like me," Micah said.

Between the camp’s registrations fees, flights, and lodging in Idaho for the whole family, the price tag was starting to get high. So when Reinholt started the fundraiser, she never expected the donations to start pouring in.

"It was our realtor, the people we worked with on the mortgage, people we used for insurance, and our inspector, and the movers, they all donated money," said Reinholt.

It was a small gesture from the community but to Micah and his family, it means everything.

Micah said he'll celebrate his 10th birthday about a week before he leaves for Camp No Limits in July. He said he aspires to become a YouTube star one day and is planning on starting his channel soon.