Friends of Bryan mass shooting suspect try to understand why the deadly workplace shooting happened

As everyone tries to figure out why a deadly shooting at Kent Moore Cabinet Company in Bryan happened, friends of the suspect tell us they are doing the same.

"I know him. I’m like shocked," says Loren Perrin.

Five people were rushed to the hospital and one person is dead after detectives say they were shot by their co-worker Larry Bollin Thursday afternoon.

Larry Bollin, 27, is charged with murder. (Photo: Bryan Police Department)

"My daughter hung out with him couple years back when she lived here and I’ve known him. He’s a pretty quiet guy. It’s surprising that he done that," says Perrin who ironically was also there as Texas DPS Trooper Juan Tovar was shot in Iola while attempting to arrest Bollin after the mass workplace shooting in Bryan.          

"I came outside and I heard gunshots. The officer was hollering. So we went over there and asked him was he ok and he said no. He got out of his vehicle and he fell down and the other officer was coming and it was scary," Perrin explains.

He says he was stunned to know his friend is the one who allegedly pulled the trigger.

"I’ve known the guy. He’s not like that. Something happened. Just, something went wrong somewhere."

Iola is about 30 miles away from Bryan. It was in Iola where Perrin says he and Bollin used to work together at a cement company and Bollin lived in a house right across the street with his parents.

"I never heard nobody had a problem with him, ever." 


The 27-year-old faces one count of murder, attempted capital murder, and five counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Bollin's bond is currently set at $2.2 million, however, that was before the additional five charges were served. 

"It’s crazy. It just doesn’t make sense," says Perrin.