Fox Facebook post triggers rescue of disabled flood victims

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When the "Tax Day" deluge took Brays Bayou out of its banks streets near North Braeswood and Hillcroft were submerged beneath chest high water making motorized movement into neighborhoods next to impossible.
That's when Fox 26 encountered Mark Taylor - a man seeking help, not for himself, but for his neighbors.

"There's four handicapped children in the house next to me that the fire department can't respond to. There's about a foot, foot and a half of water in there and there's four children in there, all in wheel chairs and it's hard to get them out," said Taylor.

Turns out, each in the group home is challenged with Autism as well. Fox 26 posted Mark's plea for rescue on Facebook and before long the stranded folks at 6103 Reamer heard the rumble of a monster truck. A very big truck with a not so big girl behind the wheel.

"I've never had to rescue people before, but we all stepped up to the plate when disaster hit. We have to help," said Tayler Alloggio of Tri-County Offroad Recovery.

The 21 year old from Richmond saw our post, grabbed a partner and pounded the jacked up diesels into the high water.

"The road is like waist deep, higher, maybe even chest," she recalls.

And yet they pushed through.

"We loaded two at a time to the back seat, lifted wheelchairs, medical equipment and medicine," said Tayler.

To safety. For Allogio and fellow members of her volunteer team there is nothing better than being a difference maker and doing for others, what you hope they'd do for you.

"I work a full time job and I'm literally off work and asking, ok where am I needed? What am I doing? How are we going to get this done?"

Looking forward, Allogio says she's planning to lift her truck even higher because truly helping people in crisis is addictive.