Four shot, two killed in murder-suicide of elderly couple

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According to a family spokesperson, the elderly homeowner in the 23 hundred block of Silverwood trail in the Fairfield subdivision had terminal pancreatic cancer and was in physical and mental decline for the past several weeks.

His wife suffered a massive brain bleed in June.

"The 77-year-old female had complained to her husband that she was not feeling well for awhile," said Sheriffs Deputy Thomas Gilliland.

Sheriffs deputies say the husband left the room retrieved a gun and returned.They say he shot his wife and then turned the gun on himself.

"I think he probably thought it was compassionate because they were both very ill," said neighbor Tracey Weise.

"The son tried to intervene, there was a tussle in between the both of them as he tried to stop his father from shooting himself unfortunately he did not," Gilliland said.

After the bullet entered and exited the elderly fathers chest it struck the son in the arm.The fragment then entered the home health care provider who was standing behind him.

Both son and caregiver are expected to be ok.

The family spokesperson says seeing his wife distraught with pain and anxiety was very upsetting for the husband.

The family feels their father was attempting to ease everyone's burden and suffering with this tragic act.

"The son and the daughter both here when it happened is a tragedy," Gilliland said.

"I just think it's horrible for the whole family," Weise said. "They were good neighbors it's just horrible it's sad."

The family says they want the public to know their father was a wonderful and caring man who did everything for his wife kids and grandkids.

They hope one day he and his wife will be remembered for their wonderful and blessed life and not this tragic ending.