4 people arrested for meth, marijuana, fentanyl, stolen guns; bonded out of jail Tuesday

Four people were arrested in Northwest Houston Monday after authorities found large amounts of drugs and stolen firearms in a warehouse.

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The drug bust occurred along the 10100 block of Sussex Lane Monday evening.

"They were putting together fentanyl and meth into pills, with the intention of getting that into the community," said Lt. Craig Cummings from Texas Department of Public Safety.

Inside the small warehouse on Sussex Lane, DPS CID Special Agents located three pill press machines, two kilos of cocaine, 44 pounds of marijuana, several stolen guns, a stolen car, a kilo of counterfeit Xanax pills with suspected fentanyl, and 17 pounds of fentanyl precursors.

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"[Fentanyl] is a crisis in Texas," said Cummings. "We’re seeing fentanyl come across the border and going out.  Someone might have no idea that what they’re taking is not a pill from a friend, but a pill that contains fentanyl."

Fentanyl can be deadly, even in small doses. People who live and work near the warehouse were surprised to hear about the drug bust.

"I’ve seen kids getting off of school buses nearby," said Michele Chambers. "I’d never guess anything like that was going on."

A warning sign was posted to the warehouse front door Tuesday. The building houses a business called Speedy Slingshot Rentals. According to their website, they rent cars starting at $300 a day.

"If we can get these drugs off the street, it’s going to make our community safer," said Cummings.

Authorities are investigating to determine if more people are involved. All four people arrested Monday bonded out of jail on Tuesday.