Four men charged in Moses Malone Jr. attack

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Houston Police Department investigators say four men have been charged in the attack on Moses Malone Jr. but they have not been taken into custody.

Kese Smith, a public information officer with HPD, says even though the four men accused of robbing Malone said they were upset about his Facebook post criticizing Houston Rockets guard James Harden, "there's nothing to indicate Harden is tied to this."

Malone was attacked outside the V Live Vintage Steakhouse building on Richmond Avenue in June.

The men charged with aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon in that incident were identified as Darian Blount, Kavon Boutte, Oscar Wattell and Deavion Lewis.

Darian Blount admitted to police that he confronted Moses Malone Jr. for a Facebook post where he criticized Harden but Blount denies that he robbed Malone.