Four board members, superintendent show up for Thursday nights school board meeting, but refuse to talk to reporters

Judging by Thursday night's HISD school board meeting, you wouldn't even know the Texas Education Agency was about to kick the school board trustees and superintendent to the curb.

They held a workshop with everyone, acting as if nothing was about to happen.

"I was really disappointed to see how many trustees were present. It was really interesting," said Judith Cruz, who was elected to the school board on Tuesday.

After school board members were done with the workshop, HISD cops made sure reporters couldn't get close to them.

A district spokesperson warned reporters to not even attempt to question interim superintendent Dr. Grenita Lathan.

"I was surprised that a lot of trustees were not here," said Dani Hernandez.

Like Cruz, Hernandez was just elected to the school board.

"It's their duty to be at these school board meetings," Hernandez said. "We should expect more from our elected officials."

The 23 pages from the Texas Education Commission change just about everything for HISD.

According to the letter, the district's accreditation is being lowered to "accredited warned," because the district exhibits serious or persistent deficiencies that may lead to the probation or revocation of the district's accreditation.

The letter also states HISD demonstrates a substantial and imminent threat to the welfare of the district's students because the board of trustees is unable to govern the district.

The state will name a superintendent and appoint a board of managers to replace HISD's board.

Again, the superintendent and board members refused to give any explanation or response to parents and taxpayers.