Former judge at center of stalking case

Falls from grace have rarely been so dramatic and complete as Chris Dupuy's. According to this latest indictment, he's accused of felony stalking.

"She's very afraid," says Lori Laird, attorney for his accuser Heather Williams. “He's been stalking her. He's following her. He's been threatening her."

According to court documents, he's called her 200 times from a blocked number and threatened to kill her. What's their connection? Dupuy represented her ex-husband in their divorce, that is before he lost his law license.

In 2010, Dupuy was elected as a judge in Galveston. It didn't last long. He was arrested for abusing his office. He served 11 months in jail. He was forced to step down from the bench. He's lost his law license. His marriage broke up and he lost access to his children. He was also accused of running hooker ads using nude pictures of two exes and posting their real phone numbers. That's why Galveston County deputies are looking for him.

"Several of our warrant deputies have checked periodically at the different addresses where he may be and they were not able to locate him," Galveston County Sheriff Henry Trochesset says.

His official address is in League City, but Laird says they might want to be looking closer to where her client lives, in Cypress.

"What we do know is he's been in that area," Laird says. "He seems to be living in that area. He attends baseballs games of a child in that area. And stalking Ms. Williams in that area. It's creepy."

When Dupuy ran for judge, it was against the judge who presided over his divorce. Laird represented his ex-wife.