Forget the Turducken, it's all about the Piecaken

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So what's a piecaken?

It's three different types of pie stuffed inside of a cake. And it's also the new rage on social media this Thanksgiving.

But piecaken isn't a new treat. In Houston, Three Brothers Bakery has featured its version since 2010. They call it the Pumpecapple.

It is make up of a bottom layer of apple pie baked inside a spice cake, middle layer of pecan pie baked inside a chocolate cake, and a top layer of pumpkin pie inside a spice cake. It has a cream cheese filling and frosting. It has crushed pecans on the side and topped with a caramel drizzle!

But the piecaken that's getting national attention is the one from David Burke Fabrick in New York City. It’s a spiced poundcake with layers of pecan pie and pumpkin pie, topped with upside-down apple pie, slathered in cinnamon buttercream and edged in oat struessel.

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