Football players and coaches punished after brawl

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Spring ISD held a conference today addressing the fight between Spring and Westfield High School football teams last Friday. The fight began when a player from Spring had two consecutive 15 yard penalties called against him. As a result, a fight took place between several players which quickly escalated to both teams.

Both teams face sanctions as a consequence to the fight that broke out

Spring ISD discussed the punishments both Spring and Westfield High School teams will be facing in a conference Monday.

Dr. Rodney Watson the superintendent of Spring ISD and Athletic Director Willie Amendola say the behavior displayed in last week's football game is unacceptable. They spoke at Monday's press conference highlighting their plan to prevent this type of unsportsmanlike behavior from happening again.

That includes several sanctions they have set in place following the fight:

  • Both teams are forced to forfeit this Friday's game resting in a loss for each team.
  • The coaches of both Spring and Westfield high schools will be suspended for one game.
  • Every player on each team will have to do 25 hours of community service before the end of the school year.
  • 6 players from Westfield will be suspended for a total of 10 games
  • 5 players from Spring will be suspended for a total of 8 games