Hundreds of fish dying in Houston area neighborhood's dry pond

Hundreds of fish are dying in a Houston-area pond as a devastating drought continues across Texas.

Residents in the Lakes of Mission Grove neighborhood in Richmond reached out to FOX 26 with their concerns. Over the last few days, they say hundreds of fish started to die.


"I would describe it as death [in] a horror show," said Bryan Everett, a homeowner in the neighborhood.  "The fish, with their lips up, trying to breathe air, because the water they have is poisonous."

Several members of the community spent Wednesday evening trying to rescue and relocate the few fish still alive. According to Tony Dimiceli, a neighbor, the pond was stocked with fish by homeowners.

"People are putting out their money to stock these things," said Dimiceli. "To see it go back to nothing, it was all a waste."


A strong odor is blowing through the neighborhood as the fish carcasses rot.

"To see this nice neighborhood have to deal with this stench, and the death of these animals, it’s wrong," said Dimiceli.

The neighborhood’s board of directors sent a letter to residents claiming the developer constructed a well full of water for the pond. However, the board claims the developer wants each homeowner to pay $150 a month to use the well. According to the board, something doesn’t add up. They believe Fort Bend County charges about $250 a year total to use the well.

"If you care about wildlife, you don’t let this happen" said Dimiceli.


For now, a pump and well sit locked next to the dry pond. Neighbors say their patience is running dry.

"This is named the Lakes of Mission Grove for crying out loud," said Everett. "Not the Mud Puddles of Mission Grove."

FOX 26 tried getting in contact with the developer. As of this report, we haven’t heard back.