Firefighters busy extinguishing fires ignited by Fourth of July fireworks

Firefighters were busy over the Fourth of July weekend extinguishing fires caused by fireworks.

Viewer video shows flames and smoke at Stude Park in Houston. In addition, the City of Fort Worth had to cancel their firework show after just minutes because of flames.

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"It’s been so dry," said Spring Fire Department Captain Calvin Adkins. "Grass fires are super easy to start with fireworks, and they’ll spread like crazy."

Since Friday, the Spring Fire Department has responded to 25 outside fires. One of the fires destroyed a home in the Fox Hollow neighborhood. Investigators believe the fire started from a firework.

"Just the launch of the mortar can start a fire," said Adkins. "The mortar itself can be hot enough to start a fire after the fact."

For the last few months, Texas has been bone dry. Much of the state is now in a drought and under burn bans.

"The danger is heightened because of the ground being so dry," said Adkins. "There’s a real big chance of things growing out of control, because it just spreads so fast when the grass is dry."


Spring Fire Station #77 responded to another brush fire on Tuesday afternoon. According to Adkins, the flames also likely started from a firework.

"Be very careful," said Adkins. "If you shoot off fireworks, when you finish, douse them fully with water. If you think you’ve doused them enough, douse them some more."