Fighting stigma and hate, the Law Harrington Senior Living Center is first LGBTQIA+ space in Texas

Fighting stigma and hate, the Law Harrington Senior Living Center is welcoming people with its bright colors in Houston's Third Ward. The center is the largest in the nation and the first in the state of Texas. 

It was a process to open the center and for many who are LGBTQIA+, it took them by surprise. 

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"I was shocked," said Jereme Scott, resident. "First I was really shocked that something like this would actually happen."

Safety, community, and keeping busy are important factors for these residents who tell FOX 26, the center does a great job to provide activities. 

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"[We] still have moments of danger, there are still people getting beaten up for walking down the street for being gay, and that’s still happening in our city," said Scott.

The Montrose Center says LGBTQ seniors are twice as likely to age in social isolation and four times less likely to have the money needed for retirement in comparison to their heterosexual peers.


"When you are over 60, you tend to isolate, you tend to be discriminated against," said Scott.

Jessi Mona Cartwright-Biggs was one of the first seniors to move in.

"We stay pretty busy. I think that’s important for seniors, because some of us don’t have family," said Biggs. "Here, we are kind of stable, so we get to connect and get to know each other."

Living Center is open to all seniors who meet the income guidelines and are 62-years-old.