Fashion designer creates Harvey-inspired collection

As we close in on one year since Hurricane Harvey made landfall in Texas, FOX 26 News wants to bring attention to the ones who overcame the devastation. A Houston-based fashioner designer was one of thousands of people who was affected by Hurricane Harvey and decided to launch a collection based on his experience.

O’Rhonde Chapman has lived in Houston and has designed clothes for years. He lost everything he owned as a result of Harvey, but not his love of fashion. In fact, the hurricane inspired him.

“It’s where I put my passion," says Chapman. "Anything negative, I try to channel and put it into my fashion and turn it into something positive.“

Chapman had to start his life over when Hurricane Harvey brought mass devastation to Houston. He lost his apartment, belongings and sewing equipment.

“As I opened my door, water gushed in, almost knocking me down," describes Chapman. "I had to fight my way through the water, fight my way to the street, make sure nothing was sticking me or anything like that. It was very horrible.”

There were limited resources available to Chapman and once they ran out, he had no choice but to live in the streets. He overcame many obstacles, putting all the money he could save into his “Survivor Collection,” inspired by Hurricane Harvey.

“I said, 'You know what, I’m going to take those dark colors and make a beautiful creation out of it.'“ Chapman tells FOX 26.

Sewing the collection was an outlet for Chapman and the attention he has been getting for it is a sign of good things to come. Just this week, he was given the keys to his brand new apartment. All that’s left is to fill it with his art.

“I want them to know that beautiful things come out of devastation,” adds Chapman. He is keeping himself occupied and tells FOX 26 that he has a book that will be released next week about his experiences. If you're interested in his Survivor Collection, you can contact him on Instagram or Facebook.