Fans react to shocking Astros developments

A day after the Houston Astros were disciplined by the MLB for cheating during the 2017 World Series Championship season,  fans were lining up in the rain to meet two players. 

Having your integrity called into question can be difficult to overcome. Now that the Astros are attached to a cheating scandal, fans are reacting. 

“Sign stealing, reading lips, that’s been going on forever,” says Kathleen Zaritski.

Even as fans lined up in the rain at a Katy Chik-fil-A to meet Astros players, the event was clouded by the Astros sign-stealing scandal. 

"I don’t think they should continue to do that but it’s not anything they should lose their title for,” says 11-year-old Yona Reeves.

So what’s your conversation with your kids about it? 

"We were trying to use it as a tool that if something’s being done wrong you need to stand up and voice your opinion and stand for what’s right,” says Astros fan Kevin Honeycutt.

“You know, my first inclination when I heard the news is to be a little disappointed, saddened by what’s going on but at the same time being an ex-player and broadcasting for this team during such a great time and witnessing the blue and orange that’s been around the city over the last four or five years has been absolutely incredible,” adds Geoff Blum, Astros Color Analyst.

Some say the pride they felt after the 2017 World Series win is replaced by a bit of embarrassment at the Astros being called cheaters. How does the team move on from here? 

"I can’t speak for everybody. I’d say we’re just going to push on and move forward,” says Astros Pitcher Cy Sneed.

"Baseball’s a tough enough sport. I think guys in this clubhouse are going to be veteran enough to where they just do their job, produce and win games,” says Astros Catcher Dustin Garneau. 

”In baseball, they’ve been doing that kind of thing for a hundred years,” says fan Tim Gebauer. 

So does that excuse cheating? 

"Well if it hasn’t been a problem before why is it a problem now?” asks Zaritski. 

The event was packed with smiling fans, taking pictures and saying they look forward to the upcoming season. 

“To see fans show up, to still see the blue and orange to not sound too cheesy it warms my heart a little bit because you do kind of wonder what the turnout is going to be after you get news like this,” says Blum.