Family takes legal action against dentist after daughter suffers brain damage

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The family of Nevaeh Hall is seeking justice after the 4-year-old was left with severe brain damage from what should have been a simple procedure at the dentist's office. Dr. Bethaniel Jefferson had treated the young girl in the past.

Nevaeh's mother, Courissa Clark, tells FOX 26 News that about an hour into the procedure, her daughter cried out as she was experiencing a seizure. Courissa was told not to worry and to go back into the waiting room. She was assured by Dr. Jefferson that everything was fine. Hours had passed before the ambulance finally arrived, but it was too late, as Nevaeh suffered oxygen loss, leaving the young girl severely brain damaged.

Courissa had to leave her job to be by her daughter's side 24 hours a day, and provide her the constant care that she needs. Jim Moriarty, the family's lawyer, tells FOX 26, "There isn't any amount of money you can recover at the courthouse that will ever make this right if her story gets out and parents realize they have a right to be present before any dentist places their child in a restraint device and they insist on that right perhaps we can save the life of another child."