Family seeks answers about man’s mysterious shooting death

First and foremost, 32-year-old Aaron Miller was a dad.

"To five wonderful kids that he gave everything he had for," said Aaron's widow Katrina Miller.

Now the only place these five children can visit their father is the cemetery.

"It's like getting to the top of a roller coaster and your heart is about to drop into your stomach and you don't know which way the ride is going to take. You just have this free fall," Miller said. "We haven't stopped falling."

Sheriffs investigators believe road rage was the motive.

It happened on August 27 on Highway 6 and Forest Trails.

Lives would be forever changed at midnight at a red light.

"Witnesses who've come forward say there were words exchanged. Aaron got out of the truck and shots came from the passenger side of the car and they say it sounded like he got hit," said Aaron's mother Tracy Reeves. "He tried to get underneath his truck and he got hit again and the car sped off.

102 days have passed since Aaron Miller was gunned down.

"That's 102 days that I've had to watch every loved one suffer and mourn and be in pain," Reeves said. "It's 102 days that the man who killed my boy has got to walk on this earth."

"Not only did they take a husband and a father, but they can do this again," said Miller.

Those with information are urged to call the Harris County Homicide Division at 713-274-9100 or Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS.