Family, HPD search for answers in woman's fatal fall from freeway

Mary Edwards travels back to Houston from Arkansas for the holidays. This Thanksgiving, there will be no happy reunion with her older sister Gayla Jennifer Baker.

"I never thought I'd be saying I'm coming home for this, but here I am," Edwards said. "I'm home for this and she's not here and it hurts."

Less than three months ago, on September 4, Gayla's body was found below the Eastex Freeway at the Bennington exit.

Her mother Beverly Linton spoke to Gayla on September 1.

"And she told me she loved me and she was going to come see me," Linton said.

"She was sold for drugs into human trafficking at the age of 9," Edwards said about her sister.

Gayla was found and brought home. But the lure of drugs and big city life kept Gayla returning to Houston.

"I remember as a child walking up and down these streets of Houston calling her name to get her away from here," said Edwards.

The medical examiner ruled Gayla's death a suicide, but Houston police tell us they aren't so sure about that.

They need witnesses to come forward to help determine if she jumped, fell or was pushed.

"What I'm doing is bringing awareness to the community," said John Marsden.

Since his son's murder last year, Marsden has turned to social media to help solve some of Houston's unsolved homicides. "Word is she was pushed off the freeway," Marsden said.

"All I got is her voice messages and pictures that's all I have left," Linton said.

"All I have is a little bitty thing of ashes and some pictures that doesn't equal up to the person she was," said Edwards.