Families of murder victims hold a night of remembrance in Houston

Sunday was a "Day of Remembrance" for murder victims across the country.

In Houston, a room was filled with families Sunday evening remembering their killed loved ones.

"We’re here, honoring our son [who was] murdered 4 years ago," said Alethea Smith Wren.  "We just wanted to come out and support all the other families going through the same thing."

Several members of Law enforcement attended the ceremony to meet with families.  Pictures of the murder victims sat on display.

"Be very vigilant in staying on top of the investigator [in your loved one’s murder case]," said a member of the Harris County Sheriff’s Office.  "Continue to demand the best from them."

So far this year, there have been 340 homicides in Houston.  In comparison, there were 262 through this same day last year.  A roughly 20 percent increase.

"This is an epidemic that is happening in our city," said Liz Vaughn. "It’s getting worse and worse.  We’re losing more and more young people.  We have to figure out why."