Faculty, parents shocked over HISD not renewing charter school contract

"Why is HISD closing my school," a 6-year-old student asked.

He's not the only one searching for an answer.

The state's largest school district has had a contract with Kandy Stripe Academy for the past 17 years.

"I've gotten no notification from HISD," said the charter school's principal Cassandra Anderson.

Anderson says she can't give faculty members who now have no jobs or insurance a reason the contract wasn't renewed since no one has told her why.

Last Monday's agenda review meeting sheds no light on the answer.

Nothing negative was said about the school.

Kandy Stripe Academy was late on getting an audit to HISD, but the district extended the deadline and said nothing in last Monday's meeting or last Thursday's board meeting about discrepancies in the audit.

"No reason why no information as to why they are closing the school. That's unfair," said parent Joyce Woods.

Many parents were just as shocked as the school's faculty over the school board's abrupt decision.

"I'm really shocked like some of the other people said this is a family environment," said parent Deanna Benson.

And now family has to put family first.

"We've got to ensure that these students are placed in schools and that they are ready," Anderson said.