EXCLUSIVE: Texas City nursing home resident taking experimental COVID-19 treatment speaks

"No one wants to take the chance of being the reason their parents get sick and possibly die," said Kristi Doss.

Doss is in a position no one wants to be in.

Last year she and her siblings put their 65-year-old mother Janet Thomas in the Resort at Texas City nursing home.

It was due to her medical issues.

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She's diabetic has kidney disease and does dialysis three times a week.

"Part of me is terrified because one of her health issues is congestive heart failure," Doss said.

Last Friday, the Galveston County Health Department announced 83 residents and employees at The Resort at Texas City tested positive for COVID-19.

Thomas is one of them.

On Tuesday afternoon re her oxygen level dropped doctors at the nursing home put Thomas on hydroxychloriqine a promising yet controversial treatment.

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"You either take this really big risk with the medicine you know very little about or you sit around and do nothing," said Doss. "I feel like those are really the only two choices we have at home his point."

"Are you scared," I asked Thomas. "Not really," she replied over the phone.

"The Lord is going to take care of me whatever is going to happen is going to happen," Thomas said. "Ain't no sense in worrying myself over it or getting scared I'm just going to take it one day at a time."

Thomas says she feels good and hasn't experienced any bad side effects.

"I feel like it's going to help I really do," she said.

If the drug doesn't help her but helps others that's good enough for Thomas.

"If I could help other people that would be great," said Thomas.