Exclusive: Houston rapper shot outside of popular nightclub calls for people to 'put the guns down'

Tonight we’re hearing from a Houston rapper who was one of five people shot at a popular nightclub. 

Sending a message to the public right from his hospital bed, he spoke exclusively with FOX 26’s Gabby Hart. 

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"It should never get to this over something small like spilling a drink or stepping on a shoe; I’m going to take your life, we just have to add more value to human life," said the Houston rapper who goes by the name Scrappy G. 

The local rapper is active in the community and passionate about giving back to the city he was born and raised in.  He’s hosted turkey drives, school supply and coat giveaways for those in need; but early Thursday morning, he nearly lost his life in the very community he’s been giving back to. 

He was inside popular bar and lounge Spivey's Uptown when a fight broke out inside involving some of his friends. The fight eventually spilled into the parking lot, and that’s when police say two suspects started shooting.  Scrappy G says he saw his friend get shot, and he rushed one of the shooters and started wrestling over the gun. He was shot two times in the thigh during that scuffle.  

"I managed to push the clip out of his gun and I managed to take the gun off him, but at this point I lost so much blood I passed out, and I just watched dude runoff," Scrappy G explained.


Four other people were also shot including a security guard. Scrappy says the first thing that crossed his mind when the gunfire started was his son. 

"My son, I just thought if I let this guy go he’s going to kill me, and he’s going to kill me and my friends, so I was just thinking hold on to him as long as you can," said Scrappy G. 

Thankfully all five victims are expected to survive. But tonight, as Scrappy G lies in his hospital bed thankful it wasn’t worse, he’s calling on the young men in our community to do better. 

"We have to start going to the club with an agenda to have fun. Some people go to the club preparing to get into an altercation with people… It all starts with us changing the narrative," he said. 

So far no one has been arrested in connection to these shootings. Anyone with information is asked to call police.