EXCLUSIVE: Paranormal investigators help Houston family who believes their home is haunted

A family in west Houston believes they’re being terrorized by paranormal activity.

"I know something is happening," said Serina Torres.  "It’s hard to believe."

Torres lives in an apartment off Blalock Road.  According to Torres, her family started having unexplainable experiences a few weeks ago.

Torres says she didn’t believe in ghosts until recently.  The mother of two claims doors and drawers have randomly opened, and she has been touched.  A few days ago, a night-side table fell onto one of her young children’s legs.


"It flew out," said Torres. "It hit his foot."

Armed with their own devices, we joined S.P.I.R.I.T (Supernatural and Paranormal Investigations and Research in Texas) inside the apartment.

According to Stephanie Brady, co-founder of S.P.I.R.I.T, their business has been booming since the pandemic started.

"It’s been crazy," said Brady.  "Most of them are evil or demonic too.  I’m used to 2 a week.  I only worked on weekends.  Now, I’m working all week long."

What’s happening inside where Torress lives, we might never know.  However, Brady’s team is hoping prayers and other cleaning methods will help fix the issue.