Emerald Lake Resort in Porter celebrates National Nude Recreation Week with events

On a hot summer day, many in our area are choosing to escape to a place where they can roam freely in their “natural state”. This week, the Emerald Lake Resort in Montgomery County is celebrating National Nude Recreation Week.

Tucked away off Loop 494 in Porter, Texas, lies a place where strutting around in your birthday suit is expected.

“Nothing about it is sexual. It’s all about talking to each other and nobody cares about what you look like,” said Connie Pitcher, who’s been a nudist for eight years.  

For regulars like 52-year-old Pitcher, the nudist lifestyle means no tan lines and very little, dirty laundry.  

She says there’s nothing more liberating than being in a safe, judgment-free environment with fun, outdoor activities.


“You can lay down at the lake. There’s a swimming pool, hot tubs. There’s parties that goes on here and stuff like that. It’s just a fun place to be and nobody does anything to each other,” Pitcher said.

“I lay in the lake and I see all the planes going over me and I think it’s pretty neat that they can get 400 people up in the air, but I don’t care where they’re going. I don’t care to put on clothes and go stand in line and go there. This is perfect for me,” said Tracy Kale, a nudist of 10 years.

For 66-year-old Kale, the fishing and golfing sans clothing is his version of paradise. 

“Hitting golf balls naked-- that’s what convinced me to go ahead and come. Because I was shy-- or I used to be. Not anymore,” Kale said.

Interested visitors can pay $25 for a daypass or up to $450 for a yearly membership.

Fred Everson, a controller at Emerald Lake Resort, said all body types, ages, races and sexual orientations are welcome.


“There are very few Barbie and Kens. People have the illusion that everybody is gorgeous here and this is where we want to go and see and look and ogle and what have you. And it’s not the case,” Everson said.


Ultimately, the nudists say their lifestyle is something they only share with those willing to embrace it.


“We are only nudists around other nudists. We don’t invite people over and just surprise them,” Pitcher said.


Everson said hundreds of people nudists are expected at Emerald Lake Resort this Saturday, attempting to break a world skinny dipping record.